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Desktop/Laptop PC’s, Printers, Networking, UPS, Keyboards, Mouse, Webcams, speakers, Storage, Cables, Connectors & USB Products

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Essential , AntiVirus, Desk Top Publishing, Utilities, Operating Systems, Graphics Editing, Accounting, Payroll, Microsoft Products, Sage Products, etc..

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Paper, Adhesives,Writing & Erasing, Filing, Desktop stationery, Books & Pads, Envelopes and the Complete Range of stationery Products.

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HP, Canon, Epson, Samsung, Oki, Printer Ribbons, Inkjet Cartridges, Laserjet Cartridge, Copier Toners, Data Tapes, etc.

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Office Machines

Paper Shredders, Binding Machines, Laminating Machines, Cutters, Guillotines, Photo Cutters, Ream Cutters,, etc.

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Office Furniture

Office Tables, Office Chairs, Filing Cabinets, Book Shelves, Stationery Cupboards, Large and Small Cash Safes etc.

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What We Offer ?

Our aim is provide a complete service for your business.

Established since 1996, we strive to achieve an efficient, friendly & professional service to our local community and customers throughout Malawi.

Our range of Products and Services encompass vast range of physical products, backed with support and warranties. And our services portfolio provides from simple anti virus solutions to Cyber Security and Disaster Receovery As A Solution.

Complete Office Supplies

 We offer all the leading well known brands and also a range of quality value products including our own unique ‘Style’ range of products. No matter what your requirements, we are confident we can provide you with what you are looking for at extremely competitive price

Repairs & Services

We pride ourselves in offering services to complement our sales of Hardware and peripherals. We provide repairs and services on Desktop, Laptops, Printers, UPS’s and many other products. We can undertake maintenance services on all your Office Machines and peripherals

Web Design & ECommerce

Have your professional Website or ECommerce site designed and deployed by us. We can deploy professional and responsive sites. Providing our clients with all the service and support required. We also provide Application development and mobile app integration services

Managed Service Provider

Providing our clientele with state of the art technology and latest IT Solutions to remediate and maintain your IT Infrastructure and systems. We do DRAS - Disaster Recovery As A Solution, EndPoint Advanced Antivirus / Malware / Ransomeware Protection, Network Monitoring Solutions, Penetration Testing, Firewall Solutions and many more.  

About Us

Silverleaf Computers & Accessories was established in 1996. The emphasis of the business was building our own computers from components sourced and imported by our selves from all over the world. We managed to incorporate a vast range of products through our sourcing from various manufacturers. Our Range initially consisted of Computer Hardware, Computer Accessories such as Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers, Headphones Infra Red Input devices, Computer Peripherals like Printers, Scanners, UPS etc. We had accumulated a comprehensive range of products and also started offering Software and Repair services to support our clients.

Our range of Office and Scholastic Stationery has always been our core, with demand we also added a huge range of Office Machines such as Binding, Laminating, Guillotine & Shredder Machines. We added Office Furniture. With products like Office & Conference Tables, Chairs, Shelves, Cabinets, Cupboards and other related products.

We eventually managed to cover most of Malawi in terms of marketing.  The success of the business was based primarily on importing good quality qualified products that functioned well. Whereas most of the market imported and sold either  over priced Branded products and others simply just imported cheaper products that were not functional and caused many issues. The difference was that our products were competitively priced and provided the necessary function they were designed for. Thus our clients trusted our products.

We further ventured out to having our own products specified by us and Manufactured for us from China, Malaysia and Taiwan thus allowing us to wholesale. We started with products like Fax Modems, Computer Cases, Power Supply Units, Mouse Pads, Keyboards, Mouse, Speakers and finally expanded to Networking products like Network Cable, Connectors, Patch Panels, Network Cabinets etc.

Currently we are confident with our experience in able to supply any type of product related to the IT Industry and also provide backup for it. With ever changing technology we have gone in further to realise the fact that that the IT Industry is ever changing and we have kept up to date.

We now also are a Managed Service Provider. Providing many new industry standard services. Our emphasis is on Cyber Security and Backup / Restore . There are many solutions that enable safety for companies such as End Point Security to safeguard against Viruses, Malware, Ransomware, Bots, and other vulnerabilities which we can deploy. 

On the subject of Reliability and Redundancy many organisation overlook the fact that traditional backup methods such as having an extra storage or Data Tapes on Premise sometimes can get you in a fix as these can be compromised as well. Therefore we have a new solution that takes scheduled backups to your own cloud storage or ours, provides end point security and encrypts data both ways. The best thing about it is you can restore your data with a flip of a switch. It will even protect you from Ransomware. The options for this service are truly flexible as we can configure it for a single endpoint, or a group of machines, mobile devices , servers, Virtual Machines or any part of data. We can also deploy the restoration to bare metal recovery.

In todays technological world things change and evolve, we at Silverleaf Computers & Accessories Ltd. want to be your partner , ensuring you concentrate on your business activities and we will handle your technology.